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GE Mac 1200
Product Key: WEG-KIT-2130
Unit Purchase Price: $1,495.00
Unit w/3 year warranty: $2,250

Lease: $99 per month

The rental options have a 24 Month minimum and are fully warranted while under the agreement.The Service contract can be extended in monthly, quarterly, or Annual terms. Pricing may vary due to monthly specials.

The MAC 1200 is a compact 12-lead electrocardiograph interpretation with display. Using GE Medical Systems' recognized industry standard 12SL algorithm it can perform rhythm, arrhythmia detection or 12 lead analysis. This product offers comprehensive solutions, complete with the practical features to meet the needs that hospitals, clinics and physician offices value.

Kit Includes
MAC 1200, Power Cord, Power Module, Acquisition Module, Operators Manual, ECG Quick Guide, Patient Cable, Phone Cord, Chart paper, & Electrodes

Immediate printouts of all 12-leads with interpretation, Optional interpretation software, 3-channel display for easy viewing and equipment setup, Full size ECG printout, Includes patient leadwires, Starter Pack of electrodes and paper, 90 Day Warranty, 10 Day Return Policy, Transmission capable (with purchase of modem), New Gender Specific Criteria for detection of Acute MI in Women, Improved Pacemaker Detection Technology

Acquisition and Analysis:
12 Leads - simultaneously

95 to 240 VAC

49 to 640 Hz

Battery Type:
NiCad, 18V, 1.3 Ah

Battery Charge Time:
4 hours

Frequency Response:
0.08 - 150 Hz

Display Type:
LCD 320 x 240 pixel, backlit, Contrast adjustable

Displayed Data:
Selected Lead Group, Operation Mode, Lead Check, Heart Rate, AC Filter, ADS,Gain, Speed, Name, ID, 3 ECG Waveforms

Digital Sampling Rate:
1000 samples/second/channel

Keyboard Type:
Membrane keypad with tactile feedback

Paper Type:
Thermal array print head, vertically 8 dots/mm, horizontally 25mm/s, Z-fold

Physical Specifications:
Height: 3.7 in (94mm)
Width: 14.5 in (370mm)
Depth: 12.6 in (320mm)
Weight: 12.3 lbs. (5.6 kg) with battery